The multifunctional beauty machine with concentrated oxygen and active IONs

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Vital O2 Inhalation

O2 Brusher

The multifunctional

Cosmetic treatments that penetrate more deeply


Microfine distribution of cosmetics

Skin massage & wellness for the face


Vitalizing oxygen inhalation with IONs


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oxygen - what is this?

O2 = Oxygen

“The skin breathes and the uppermost skin layer receives oxygen directly from the air.”


Oxygen gets deeper under the skin than previously assumed:


Scientists have shown that the skin up to a depth of 0.4 millimeters mainly provides oxygen directly from the air. The medics have measured oxygen penetration on skin with a newly developed sensor and have observed that oxygen penetrates through the epidermis into the dermis (Scientific Journal:" Journal of Physiology" Edition 538.3, Page 985). According to that the skin respiration supplies the skin in an average but only the uppermost 0.4 – 0.5 millimeters. Nearly all people are currently suffering under an oxygen cell undersupply. Treatment methods in aesthetic cosmetics WITH OXYGEN are the future!

IONised oxygen – what is this?

Using the latest research methods scientists succeeded to prove that in our breathing air one of the essential active component is: oxygen molecules with negative IONs. Within the framework of natural medicine the activated oxygen (O2 minus) is therapeutically used in air and climatic therapies. Higher negative ION concentrations can be measured in wooded or sea resorts, at high-altitudes and at waterfalls. Oxygen molecules were activated by negative electrons and were made demonstrably more reactive in the lungs. The IONised breathing air feels more refreshing and is noticeably vitalizing. If there is a disturbance of the IONs ratio the human body feels flabby and loose. A negative IONs undersupply is resulting due to the high air pollution in big cities. As a consequence the so called civilization diseases might be triggered. The human body absorbs the IONised oxygen easier and the inhalation of IONised oxygen is subsequently more efficient.

Treatments with sustainable results!

Oxygen provides vital energy to each living cell in our bodies. Oxygen is additionally one of the most important element for the prevention of diseases and for an optimal cell functioning. Oxygen supports therapies for circulatory disorders (whether having disorders in organs, in vascular or in the brain) and can be evidently used for treatments for retinopathies/retinal diseases and hearing loss/tinnitus. From an aesthetic point of view the oxygen concentration in the skin tissue is an important indicator of the skin aging. Already after the age of 25 years the skin oxygenation decreases measurably. Due to sleep deprivation, stress, certain lifestyles and pollution, as well as by hormonal changes, the lack of oxygen in our skin will be increased additionally. Possible consequences are: dry, tired and powerless appearing skin, vasodilatation, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, bad metabolism and other skin disorders.