The Vital O2 - Inhalation

Concentrated oxygen + oxygen-activating negative IONs

Use of the patented technology of IONised and thus activated oxygen enables short but effective inhalation times to be achieved. Inhalation improves the oxygen supply of the body through to cell level and has a performance enhancing and invigoratingly beneficial effect on body and mind. Along with finishing treatment, vital inhalation with IONised oxygen for instance provides a demonstrably invigorating physical feeling.

Areas of application

  • In addition to finishing treatment or mask

  • Fitness, wellness, anti-ageing and spa

  • Lack of physical and mental energy, feeling generally unwell, sleep disturbance and tiredness

  • Everyday industrial & environmental stresses


    An inhalation time of 20-45 minutes, once or twice a week with around 10 administrations is recommended.


The extra oxygen enhances physical and mental performance and can also lead to increased concentration and memory capacity. Furthermore, blood circulation and energy supply are increased throughout the body. This means that the body’s immune defence is stabilised and sustainably boosted.


In daily practice: The Vital O2 - Inhalation

can be used during each treatment e. g. during the face pack break, during foot care, during body treatment as health promotion, as feel good effect or just as a detox treatment and is also helpful as accompanying measure during the treatment of skin problems. Almost all people are suffering under an oxygen cell undersupply. Through the Vital O2 Inhalation the energy supply of the whole immune system as well as the cell metabolism will be encouraged.