The O2 - Brusher

Microfine atomisation + concentrated oxygen

Through microfine nebulisation with concentrated oxygen and continuous jet control, the O2 Brusher allows optimum distribution of beauty serums over the skin surface. The O2 Brusher enables contactless application of serums or cosmetics, as required.

Areas of application

  • Contactless applications of liquid active ingredients or cosmetics

  •  Microfine and even distribution

  • For soothing irritated skin after fruit acid peeling & Microdermabrasion


The gentle oxygen spray technology distributes active ingredients evenly over the skin surface. The concentrated oxygen also stimulates skin blood circulation and achieves a visibly invigorating skin moisturising effect, especially with sensitive skin.


In daily practice: The O2 - Brusher with microfine active-ingredient application

ensures an increase of skin moisture and has an enjoyable cooling effect. This application has an additional relaxing massage effect and moreover the skin circulation will be improved by the way, too. A microfine spray is resulting from any applied skin specific cosmetic product or serum and can be used for contactless application easily.